Watch KISS Attempt to Play a Concert for Sharks on a Boat in Australia

No sharks showed up, but approximately 50 people did
Watch KISS Attempt to Play a Concert for Sharks on a Boat in Australia
The enduring weirdness that is KISS continued to impress and surprise when the makeup-loving rockers announced that they would be playing a concert for Australia's sharks. Yesterday (November 18), they attempted to do just that, and we've got the footage to prove it.

As ABC reports, no actual sharks showed up when the band set up on a small boat in an Australian harbour. That said, eight people had bought tickets to watch them perform, and seven or eight local boats also pulled up to listen. That means they performed for about 50 people.

Among those not in attendance was frontman Paul Stanley, who pulled out of the band's Australian tour due to illness. They cancelled all of their dates save for the boat shark show. 

The concert had been billed as proof that sharks can be attracted to tour boats without the use of blood or bait. The scheme was concocted as a marketing coup between Adventure Bay Charters and Airbnb Animal Experiences.

Matt Waller, who owns Adventure Bay Charters, boasted that the company uses sound to "appeal to the [sharks'] electroreception sense through acoustics in the water." Maybe the sharks don't like KISS without Paul Stanley, because they never showed up.

According to Waller, however, the show was still great: "The guys were tight, they were right into it, it was loud, there were lights, there were smoke machines — it was everything that a KISS concert should be."

We'll let you be the judge of that. Watch the bizarre, daylit KISS concert on a tiny boat below.