Watch Dwayne Gretzky Cover Tom Petty from Isolation

The band's 12 members take on "You Don't Know How It Feels"
Watch Dwayne Gretzky Cover Tom Petty from Isolation
When you have as many members as Dwayne Gretzky, the idea of social distancing could prove challenging at first, but the Toronto outfit have put the concept into practice for a new cover of a Tom Petty hit.

Joining musicians around the globe who have picked up phones, tablets, computers and other devices to share their creativity in quarantine, Dwayne Gretzky have shared a 12-person cover of Petty's "You Don't Know How It Feels," which appeared on his 1994 solo albumĀ Wildflowers.

"As we all know, social distancing is the most important thing when it comes to beating this virus," the band wrote in a statement. "Everyone in the band has been doing their part when it comes to staying home and avoiding social gatherings. It's been challenging, but it has also given us an opportunity to connect in a different way."

The band's respective smartphone clips were cut together by Dan Tahmizian, while the band's Ian Docherty handled audio mixing. You can watch the cover below.

Dwayne Gretzky released their self-titled debut album last year.