Watch a KISS Impersonator Perform "Detroit Rock City" While His Hair Lights on Fire

Watch a KISS Impersonator Perform 'Detroit Rock City' While His Hair Lights on Fire
Say what you will about KISS, but there's no denying that their songs are seriously infectious. In fact, one Paul Stanley impersonator was so taken by the punchy intro of "Detroit Rock City" that he didn't even flinch when his hair caught fire.

The Minnesota KISS tribute band Hairball were recently performing for a massive crowd in Sioux City, IA, when guitarist and singer Bobby Jensen — the band's stand-in for Paul Stanley — had his hair light on fire.

Speaking with the Des Moines Register, Jensen explained that he knew what was happening but he decided to power through it. 

"I knew right away. I knew right away when the fire hit my back that I was on fire," he said. "I just knew stand there, keep playing.... I knew if I had ran, they had to chase a guy on fire."

Watch the incident light up below. Aside from some stinky stage clothes, Jensen said he is completely fine.