War Baby to Deliver 'Death Sweats' This Fall

War Baby to Deliver 'Death Sweats' This Fall
Vancouver alt-rock aggressors War Baby have announced plans for their next full-length assault. The band's sophomore LP is titled Death Sweats, and they're gonna give them to you October 30 via Bummer Records.

Like 2013's Jesus Horse, the upcoming 10-song collection was recorded with producer Jordan Koop (the Courtneys, Needles//Pins) at his Noise Floor Recording Studio in Gabriola Island, BC. Featuring glum song titles like "Throw Them in the Fire" and "God Is Dead," the album is described by the trio as "the audio equivalent of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

They continued: "This album to us is equal parts fear of the dark and disgust for the morning light....the very thought of being fully aware is terrifying...survival can mean many things; Death Sweats is one of them. Believing in yourself when no else does will make you sweat. Believing in everyone else and not yourself will give you Death Sweats."

The record arrives in both digital and physical editions, with the latter apparently set to come packaged with an as-yet-undetailed board game.

While song previews from the set have yet to arrive in full, a few early Nirvana-styled sounds have been crammed into a trailer for the LP. You'll find the video, which presents a woman who doesn't so much have the "death sweats" as she does a bad case of the "pool farts," down below.

The panic-inducing artwork, meanwhile, can be found up above.

Death Sweats:

1. Master Blaster
2. Spell
3. No Generation
4. Spin Forever
5. Belly Ache
6. In Light of
7. Swamp Kunt
8. Throw Them in the Fire
9. God is Dead
10. Shrinking Violet