Walter Martin "Hey Sister" (ft. Kat Edmonson)

Walter Martin 'Hey Sister' (ft. Kat Edmonson)
The Walkmen bassist/organist Walter Martin is showing off yet another duet off his impending, family-friendly solo debut We're All Young Together, teaming up with singer-songwriter Kat Edmonson for the sibling-themed "Hey Sister."

The track takes on country and western properties early, from the ramblin' six-string licks and Southern-style acoustic strums to a hop-and-skip rhythm, though the song also adds slack guitar and kazoo solos. Martin and Edmonson, meanwhile, do a back and forth about the physical and behavioural properties of their lineage, duetting near the end "I'm glad I've got a partner in this crazy family."

"In 'Hey Sister' I wanted to capture the wonderful and insane feeling of growing up with a big family in a wild house full of brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins," Martin said in a statement to USA Today. "Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes you simply want to sit down and pull your hair out by the roots."

We're All Young Together drops May 13 through Family Jukebox Records.