The Soft Cavalry The Soft Cavalry

The Soft Cavalry The Soft Cavalry
Following their collaboration on 2016's debut Minor Victories album, Rachel Goswell of Slowdive and her husband, Steve Clarke, have created the Soft Cavalry. It is primary songwriter Clarke's first time at the helm of a record after many years spent touring, and more recently joining Slowdive as tour manager.
Over 12 songs, Clarke and Goswell weave an enrapturing world of tracks exploring resilience, anxieties and the ability to find and trust in love. Awash with natural imagery, The Soft Cavalry ventures in many directions: "The Velvet Fog" is an intensely dramatic song, spacious yet grounded, while "Never Be Without You" is palpably warm, its summery feeling belying the complicated birth of new love detailed in its lyrics.
The ways in which the duo complement each other are evident; Goswell and Clarke's voices harmonize to create the delicacy of "Only In Dreams," while "Dive" is heavily indebted to shoegaze.
The Soft Cavalry is the sound of Clarke coming into his own as a songwriter, enriched by Goswell's contributions. The album holds a reverence for the fragility of life and a recognition of just how vital our closest relationships are to its experience. (Bella Union)