​Tei Shi Announces Debut Album 'Crawl Space'

​Tei Shi Announces Debut Album 'Crawl Space'
Argentine indie popster Tei Shi (born Valerie Teicher) dropped her Verde EP back in 2015, and now she's unveiled plans for her very first full-length. Crawl Space is set to arrive on March 31 through Arts & Crafts.
The album was recorded over the span of a year and a half, and hears the singer documenting her transition from a "curious new kid on the block" to a "confident, self-possessed" artist.
According to a press release, the record delivers a "palpable physicality" — from the claustrophobic space referenced in the LP title, to active song names like "Keep Running" and "Lift Me," all the while evoking a feeling of moving forward through constraining situations and being able to centre oneself.
The full tracklisting has yet to be revealed, but Teicher has offered up a sample of the new material with a video for lead single "Keep Running."
"It's a kind of call to arms to someone you love, to take on and confront all of life's obstacles together," she said in a statement. "To fight to stay together through thick and thin. A ride or die kind of love."
Video director Agostina Gálvez added, "Val and I connected creatively very fast and we were able to integrate our ideas in an interesting way. She wanted to do a karaoke scene and that was the starting point to develop the rest of the story in the video. What I like the most about it is how ordinary elements become strange, generating a special atmosphere throughout the song. Shooting her was great, her slow moves and graceful gestures made her whole performance hypnotic."
You can get a preview of the forthcoming Crawl Space by watching the video for "Keep Running" below.