Tania Gill Bolger Station

Pianist/composer Tania Gill understands the understated power of lyricism. With her confederate (trumpeter Lina Allemano), she evokes bittersweet nostalgia on "Bolger Station" without resorting to cloying sentimentality, an impressive accomplishment. "Magpie" has all sorts of echoes of Thelonious Monk, reflecting his jauntiness and melodic angularity while adding a new rhythmic dimension of shifting tempos that gives the piece an enlivening surefootedness. "Paso," in swaying 3/4, has an intro on melodica and features interplay between organ and piano, with more tempo-shifting in the brushwork of drummer/producer Jean Martin. At a number of places throughout the 13 tracks there's evidence of Gill having drunk deeply at the double well of the Bleys (composer Carla and pianist Paul): in motifs, harmonic concepts, pianism and pauses. Gill gets wistful on her short take on "Maple Leaf Waltz," which is one of two tunes highlighted by her vulnerable, whispery vocals. Throughout, bassist Clinton Ryder maintains a poised simplicity with his restrained eloquence. Bolger Station remains fresh even after repeated listening. (Barnyard)