Spotify Has Launched a New Physical Device Called a "Car Thing"

Spotify Has Launched a New Physical Device Called a 'Car Thing'
Say what you will about Spotify, but there's no denying that the company is continuing to dominate the streaming world. Up next, Spotify has launched a new physical controller intended for drivers. It's a thing for your car, and the company has literally called it Car Thing.

The streaming service announced a limited drop of the new controller for select Premium users in America, who can obtain it for free if they pay shipping. Should the product be a success, it will retail for $80 USD.

Car Thing is essentially a touchscreen Spotify controller. It works with your smartphone but allows you to switch your audio while driving. "Car Thing has one job and does it awesomely," the company said.

"Our focus remains on becoming the world's number one audio platform — not on creating hardware — but we developed Car Thing because we saw a need from our users, many of whom were missing out on a seamless and personalized in-car listening experience," Spotify added. "No matter the year or model of your vehicle, we feel everyone should have a superior listening experience."

Stay tuned on updates if and when Car Thing becomes a thing in Canada.