S U R V I V E "Other" (Justin K. Broadrick remix)

S U R V I V E 'Other' (Justin K. Broadrick remix)
Following the newly released soundtrack to Stranger Things Season 2, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein are shifting back to their S U R V I V E project for a new remix effort. And to give you a better idea of what's in store, you can now hear the redo of the band's "Other" by Godflesh/Jesu mastermind Justin K. Broadrick.

Going under his JK Flesh moniker, Broadrick has done a revamp of S U R V I V E's RR7349 highlight. While keeping the original melody of "Other" intact, the remix features an array of new sonic touches, including some seriously intense industrial beat work that leads way to more dub-like atmospheres. It's an interesting take on the track, to say the least.

As previously reported, the RR7387 Remix EP is due out on November 3 via Relapse.

For now, though, hear Broadrick's remix of "Other" down below. You can also hear the new Stranger Things soundtrack here.