Renders 'Renders' (EP stream)

Renders 'Renders' (EP stream)
Toronto-based musician Kelly McMichael introduced us to her solo project Renders last year, debuting "I Am Gone" back in November. Now, she's ready to unveil her first EP under the new moniker, and you can hear the self-titled effort now before its official release later this week.
"On this EP, I am looking both inwards towards the emotional core and outwards to the dance floor," McMichael tells Exclaim! "I write about the fluid and complex relationships we face — relationships tied to personal growth, inner struggles, and the multifaceted world of human relations."
Combining elements of both classic and contemporary pop music, the four-song offering hears McMichael "claiming space and demanding acceptance" through her songs, all the while showcasing an accute sense of "emotional intelligence."
The calm introspection of airier, more atmospheric tracks like "The Garden" and "I Am Gone" are balanced out by outright party-starters "Running Through the Night" and "On the Ceiling," and you can hear both halves come together cohesively right now in the player below.
Renders is out on July 8.