Renders "I Am Gone"

Renders 'I Am Gone'
Canadian musician Kelly McMichael has cut her teeth playing in Toronto's music scene with acts like Gentleman Reg and Rouge, but her latest project hears her recording under the moniker Renders. The self-described "stoner pop" singer is set to unveil her latest single "I Am Gone" — and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
Recorded with Paradise Animals' Mark Andrade, the song is a breezy explosion of sultry synth-pop that is sure to transport listeners to a digitized tropical paradise.
"We've all had our hearts broken, we've all felt lonely, but not all of us have stood tall and free; pushed back when pushed over," McMichael said in a statement about the meaning behind the new song. "'I Am Gone' does just that: takes a stand while raising a collective fist. Empowerment and Independence: the standard of purity and truth is reclaimed through the heart. The repetition of the honesty of love is imbued in the songwriting, crystallized in the synth chords, and rendered with the strength of willing autonomy."
Hear the defiant declaration for yourself in the player below.