Ratboys Release Surprise Album 'Happy Birthday Ratboy'

It features new recordings of the band's early tunes
Ratboys Release Surprise Album 'Happy Birthday Ratboy'
Ratboys would have been celebrating their 10th year as a band with a headlining tour this year, but due to the pandemic, those plans were, of course, derailed. Instead, to mark the occasion, the band have released a surprise album called Happy Birthday Ratboy through Topshelf.

Consisting of new recordings of their earlier works, including all five tracks from their debut self-titled EP and a load of their "college-era" tracks, the record also includes their most recent new single, "Go Outside."

"We hope to keep playing music for a long ass time, and hopefully we can keep finding lots of reasons to celebrate along the way," the band wrote in a post.

Listen to Happy Birthday Ratboy below.