PLAZAS Premieres Debut LP 'Distant Desires'

PLAZAS Premieres Debut LP 'Distant Desires'
PLAZAS teased her debut full-length record with "Night Shift" earlier this year, and now Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the album in its entirety.
Distant Desires delivers airy synth-pop songs that draw listeners into Savana Salloum's self-created, self-produced "futuristic dream world."
She pieces together moments from her past with her hopes for the future — things she's ruminated on a lot since making the move from Vancouver to Toronto.
"A lot of the tracks on the album are a reflection on the past combined with elements of fantasy," she tells Exclaim! "I wanted to capture this feeling of desire that I have to not only people, but certain times and places as well."
The record is officially out on September 28, and PLAZAS will play an album release show on September 29 at Handlebar in Toronto.
Right now, though, give the LP an advanced listen below.