More Unreleased Dio Material to See the Light of Day, Craig Goldy Confirms

More Unreleased Dio Material to See the Light of Day, Craig Goldy Confirms
While it's been six long years since Ronnie James Dio sadly passed away after losing his battle with cancer, we may yet be treated to unreleased music from the iconic artist. A new interview with former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy confirms that a second Decade of Dio box set and other rarities could be on the way soon.

Speaking to Alternative Nation, the six-stringer was asked about the possibility of a follow-up to the recent A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993 box set, which compiled Dio's solo sets from the landmark Holy Diver up to 1993's Strange Highways. Goldy answered "yes," adding that the plan had been to space out the collections rather than deliver them in one fell swoop. He also noted that the rights for the Dio catalogue are spread out among various record companies, making things a bit tricky.

"We definitely will," Goldy said. "I think they just wanted to do it in sets instead of doing the whole entire thing at once. I can't really speak for Wendy Dio myself, but there are certain albums that certain record companies control the rights. It's not really a matter of control, but more of a matter of everyone wants to do it and of who to contact to put the deal together. I can only speak for myself but, I think they decided to do it in halves. Almost like The Very Best of Dio, Vol 1 and 2. So there are other albums like Magica and a few others that will be remastered for re-release."

The interview also shed light on Dio's Magica II, a sequel to 2000's Magica that was left unfinished when Dio died in 2010. A Magica II track titled "Electra" made it onto 2012's The Very Best of Dio Vol 2, but Goldy says more material may surface from the sessions.

"There is an unfinished song that the band plans on finishing and releasing," he said. "This track will either be part of Magica as a bonus track or released as a single on its own. It's all just speculation right now."