Montreal's Milla Thyme and His "Lost Boys" Are Just Chasing Thrills in New Video

The song appears on the rapper's debut LP 'Everything Has Its Thyme'
Montreal's Milla Thyme and His 'Lost Boys' Are Just Chasing Thrills in New Video
Montreal rapper/producer and one of Exclaim!'s March New Fave artists Milla Thyme dropped his debut LP Everything Has Its Thyme via URBNET at the beginning of the month, and today, he has treated its song "Lost Boys" to a set of new visuals.

The artist's latest video showcases the song's themes of "chasing thrills, living recklessly and the influence of the gang mentality." In the clip co-directed by Mark Pragai and Jose Antonio Fernandez, Miller is seen in a hazy sequence facing off against a misplaced party guest who may have fallen into the wrong crowd.

"The song is a play on Peter Pan in a way," the artist explained of the track in a release. "It's about wanting to be forever young and without responsibilities, choosing to never let go of your childhood and as a result, not letting yourself grow and evolve."

Miller's trap-inspired single was produced by Lucas Liberatore and Busty and the Bass trombonist Chris Vincent.

Everything Has Its Thyme follows the release of Milla Thyme's 2016 EP Eternally the Student

Watch his new video for "Lost Boys" below.