​Mariah Carey's Twitter Hacked with Eminem Jokes and Racial Slurs

​Mariah Carey's Twitter Hacked with Eminem Jokes and Racial Slurs
Photo: Renaud Philippe
Mariah Carey suffered her second most embarrassing New Year's Eve earlier this week, when her Twitter account was briefly hacked.
On Tuesday (December 31), Carey's profile shared a number of nonsensical tweets — some trolling her fans, some dissing Eminem and some just plain offensive.
In addition to a number of racial slurs, one tweet read "Eminem can still hold this pussy," while another one simply said "Eminem has a little penis."
In case you'd forgotten, Carey and Eminem have been embroiled in a public feud for years, and it was recently reignited with Em's verse on "Lord Above." Carey's ex-husband, Nick Cannon, has subsequently been having a rap battle into the void.

Carey's hacked tweets were quickly removed, and Carey herself addressed the situation by tweeting, "I take a freaking nap and this happens?"
Nevertheless, the singer seems to have managed to have a happy new year anyway.
Earlier this holiday season, Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" finally hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts, 25 years after its initial release. To mark the occasion, she released an updated video for the song.