Luge The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 17

Luge The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 17
Photo: Chris Gee
Try to categorize Luge and start again. Are they noise funk? Avant-prog? Math punk? Synthesize those influences in a vacuum-sealed container, shake it up, let fly the cap and watch the carbonated substance erupt across the room with hyper erratic gusto, and you'll be closer to understanding what the Toronto four-piece has going on. Luge are all highly technical, densely tangled elastic arrangements littered with noodling guitars, slap bass, stop-and-start dynamics and frequent left turns into dissonant splatter-punk noise.
Dressed like a Mondrian painting, at Wavelength, singer/keyboardist Kaiva Gotham directed the modernist explosion from the front through Dadaist lyrics and loose conducting, making sure tracks like "Centrifugal Horse" let out an appropriately distorted neigh before they broke out of the gate on their wonky limping gallops. And if anyone doubted their arty pedigree, before they were finished, Gotham slapped a beret on top, only stopping short of declaring "fini."

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