Jay Som Teams Up with Justus Proffit for New EP

Listen to their song "Nothing's Changed" now
Jay Som Teams Up with Justus Proffit for New EP
Jay Som (a.k.a. Melina Duterte) delivered her fantastic Everybody Works LP last year, and soon followed it with a handful of previously unreleased tracks. While we're still awaiting a proper new album, however, she will hold us over with a mini-release.

Specifically, Duterte has teamed up with Los Angeles musician Justus Proffit on a new collaborative EP. The release is called Nothing's Changed and saw the two musicians work together on one song per day. 

"I think we both challenged each other with each song, forcing ourselves to either stick to an idea or move on, and accept mistakes." Duterte said in a statement.

Polyvinyl will deliver the EP on September 28. Until then, you can listen to the EP's title track below.

Nothing's Changed:

1. Nothing's Changed 
2. My World My Rules 
3. Tunnel Vision 
4. Invisible Friends 
5. Grow