Hospital Typo Results in Newborn Baby Named "Korn"

Sorry, Kora
Hospital Typo Results in Newborn Baby Named 'Korn'
Thanks to a typo, a baby shares a name with a '90s alt-metal band, since a hospital error resulted in a newborn being legally named Korn.

Twitter user @pkkaos, the mom of little baby Korn, shared the news. The baby was born on April 10, and the birth certificate (featuring the typo) arrived a couple weeks later.

The baby was supposed to be named Kora — and that will be her legal name soon, once the hospital receives the correction form. @pkkaos gave an update in the early hours of Monday morning (April 26), saying that she had sent in the corrections form.

Until then, here are some Korn lullabies to help send the baby off to sleep.

As of press time, Korn (the band) have not responded to news of Korn (the baby).