Holy Data "Bad Future" (video)

Holy Data 'Bad Future' (video)
Montreal-based psych-pop outfit Holy Data was forged by former members of Parlovr and Sunset Rubdown as an outlet to explore millennial concerns about "technology, spirituality, alienation, love and a general anxiety for the future." Those concepts are blatantly at the forefront of the group's latest single "Bad Future," and the track has just been given the visual treatment.
The video takes the fearful feelings and turns them into a colourful clip featuring digitally animated objects, patterns and screenshots.
"I tried to make a strong contrast between richly detailed, colourful imagery with the abstract, pessimistic feeling of what our future entails," director Katerine Dennie-Marcoux tells Exclaim! "Even when we follow the same beaten paths in life, we still discover unforeseen places all while looking at things from different perspectives. These perspectives sometimes present themselves in high definition and sometimes they're a blurry haze; it's impossible to ever know where it will all take us."
"Bad Future" will appear on the band's debut album, which is due out later this year. Right now, though, scroll past Holy Data's upcoming shows to watch the video premiere of "Bad Future" in the player below.
Tour dates:
07/26 Montreal, QC - The Ritz PDB
07/28 Toronto, ON - The Silver Dollar
07/29 London, ON - East Village Arts Community
07/30 Kingston, ON - The Artel