The Heavy "That Kind of Man"

The Heavy 'That Kind of Man'
Ninja Tune's new sub-label Counter Records had a modest hit with the spacey glam rock superstar-in-the-making Pop Levi earlier this year, but my money's on their next act to become huge: The Heavy. Again, it's not something you'd expect Ninja Tune to stamp their logo on, but the Heavy no doubt come from the label's trusty tradition of eye-opening, ear-perking grooves. Introductory single "That Kind of Man" (taken from their forthcoming debut album, Great Vengeance & Furious Fire out October 29) is a bad-ass blast of funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B, rock, psych... you name it, they seem to do it. Front-man Kelvin Swaby resurrects the fiery falsetto of Curtis Mayfield, while his mighty, explosive band come at you like RZA in the studio with the Family Stone. It's definitely a throwback, but not without nodding to the future. Interesting note: Swaby and drummer Corin Dingley were once members of Bristol trip hop outfit Alpha - this may explain why their processed beats are so "heavy."