Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel in Talks to Score 'Logan's Run' Remake

Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel in Talks to Score 'Logan's Run' Remake
Given his love of '70s synth work, news that Glass Candy member Johnny Jewel could be scoring an upcoming remake of sci-fi classic Logan's Run makes perfect sense. But before you get too excited, the release is still a ways off, if it even happens at all.

Speaking with [via The Playlist], the Italo disco-inspired producer/musician explained that he's started talking with director Nicolas Winding Refn, with whom he just worked with on the Ryan Gosling picture Drive, about crafting some soundscapes for a reimagining of the 1976 flick.

"Nick talked to me a little bit about Logan's Run," Jewel explained. "He mentioned it and was just trying to feel out if I was interested, and I was telling him about how on my 30th birthday, I had a party and I had a blinking stone in my hand, because I was super into that movie and obsessed with the idea of turning 30 or whatever. So that's something I've been doing."

If he does get to whip something up for the cautionary population control tale, based on William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 novel, Jewel figures it will be even more synth-heavy than James Goldsmith's original symphonic score.

"I remembered the movie being a lot more abstract, and when I went to listen to it again, after I talked to Nick, it was really kind of kitschy sort of string arrangements. I think what you're remembering, which is what I remember too, which was the synthesizers used during Carousel and stuff like that -- like a really fuzzy, kinda in-your-face analog synth. But there's actually not as much of that as you think, because I studied the soundtrack, and the book and also the TV show, [which] never even finished airing the first season."

With the project still in the planning stages, it's unclear when this will actually get off the ground. Let's hope our palm flower crystals don't set off in the meantime.

As previously reported, Glass Candy, as well as Chromatics, are playing Vancouver's Olio Festival next week. You can get more festival information here.