Ellis Covers Taylor Swift, the Used and Dinosaur Jr. on New EP

Stream 'Bedroom Covers' and watch her T-Swift video
Ellis Covers Taylor Swift, the Used and Dinosaur Jr. on New EP
It's only been a few months since Ontario-based dream popster Ellis released debut album Born Again, but Linnea Siggelkow has been keeping busy by learning to play some of her favourite songs. The aptly named Bedroom Covers EP is available to stream today via Royal Mountain.

The three-track release features covers of Taylor Swift's "Lover," Dinosaur Jr.'s "I Got Lost" and the Used's "Buried Myself Alive," giving each of the tracks a makeover that falls in line with Ellis's shoegaze- and dream pop-influenced sound.

Ellis has also shared a new video for her "Lover" cover, which features dreamy footage of people-free landscapes and urban landmarks.

In a statement about the EP, Siggelkow said:

I haven't been feeling very inspired to write lately. The world is feeling equally chaotic and slow, my mind feels very strange, so I have focused on learning other people's songs and it's been sort of a nice break.

I wanted to cover songs by artists that have influenced me musically and as a songwriter. I love Taylor Swift's to-the-point lyricism about her feelings, the relatability of her songs. Dinosaur Jr. is just such a cool band and J Mascis is one of my favourite guitarists. I've been practicing a lot more than I usually do, working on scales and trying to improve my technical skill — I want to be able to shred like J! And the Used was such a huge band for me growing up, Bert McCracken writes perfect emo songs that have stood the test of time.

Listen to Ellis's full Bedroom Covers EP below and keep scrolling to watch the music video for "Lover."

Bedroom Covers:

1. Lover (Taylor Swift cover)
2. I Got Lost (Dinosaur Jr. cover)
3. Buried Myself Alive (The Used cover)