Coldcut Sound Mirrors Videos

There’s nothing more exhilarating for an artist than to have full creative freedom and the opportunity to work on a cool project. The British duo picked an assortment of established and up-and-coming directors to create videos for their most recent album, Sound Mirrors. A wide range of visual interpretations include everything from funky urban art to children’s fables to storyboards of what seem like construction paper cut-outs. But out of all the videos the most narrative comes from director Andreas J. Riiser for the song "Mr. Nichols.” Set to a backdrop of grey concrete walls, it portrays a modern man and his inner conflicts: his struggle with love, relationships work, and society. Rather than cutting off his excessively long necktie and getting to the root of what troubles him, he compensates by using a stepladder wherever he goes. In the end, he uses that very tie in an attempt to end his misery, only to be saved by his wife, who cuts him down. (Ninja Tune)