Busta Rhymes Pleads Guilty to Throwing Protein Shake at New York Gym Employee

Busta Rhymes Pleads Guilty to Throwing Protein Shake at New York Gym Employee
Having had a few months to "Calm Down" following a summertime outburst, Busta Rhymes has now plead guilty to harassment for throwing a protein shake at a New York gym employee. 

The New York Times reports that the hip-hop great submitted his guilty plea today (November 6) in Manhattan Criminal Court. While at the time of his arrest he was charged with second-degree assault — a felony — the judge reduced the charge to a misdemeanour assault.

As part of the deal, though, Rhymes will have to report to anger management classes. He's apparently already undergone three sessions.

Assistant district attorney Danielle Coffey noted in court that the charges were downgraded following "an extensive investigation, including interviewing witnesses, viewing the video and visiting the scene, and based on the limited nature of the injury."

"The criminal charges, especially charging him with a felony, was a bunch of bull," the rapper's lawyer, Scott Leemon, told reporters on the scene. "Busta and I are glad the district attorney's office agreed to drop all the criminal charges."

Rhymes had apparently been in relative good spirits at the courthouse, hugging a court officer who admitted to being a fan. A man being escorted into the building by the police had also got a kick out of seeing the rapper in person, reportedly shouting "That's Busta! That's Busta!"

As previously reported, Busta (real name Trevor Smith) had been involved in an altercation at New York's Steel Gym, in which an argument between the rapper and the gym employee escalated into the pair splashing water at each other. From there, Busta Rhymes whipped a bottle of chocolate-flavoured Muscle Milk at the worker, which was said to have cut his head. He did not seek medical attention.

Back in August, Rhymes' lawyer Scott Leemon had called the charge "ridiculous," noting of the altercation: "This is clearly an attempt by someone to take advantage of Busta. He did nothing wrong."