Busta Rhymes "Thank You" (ft. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West)

Busta Rhymes 'Thank You' (ft. Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West)
Well, Busta Rhymes definitely pulled out his rolodex for this one. Not only did the rap vet rope in Q-Tip and Lil Wayne for "Thank You," but he got the tour-cancelling king himself, Kanye West.

Down below you can give the new track a spin. Along the way, you'll get traded-off bars from Q-Tip and Busta, a Lil Wayne intro, a Yeezy interlude, and a sample of "I Want to Thank You" from Alicia Myers.

"Thank You" will apparently appear on Busta Rhymes' delayed Extinction Level Event 2, due out on Cash Money Records.