Brendan Benson Announces Solo Album, Launches Readymade Label

Brendan Benson Announces Solo Album, Launches Readymade Label
Brendan Benson has been working on a new solo LP for some time now, and the Raconteurs member announced last spring that he was self-producing an album with contributions from members of Big Star, Phantom Planet and Ryan Adams' the Cardinals. Now, Benson has confirmed the release of What Kind of World via his own newly minted Readymade label/publishing company.

What Kind of World will be released digitally on April 21 to coincide with Benson's son's second birthday. Physical copies will arrive in stores on April 24.

This solo album is just one of several releases we can expect from Readymade in 2012. He also produced the album Give Me My Change for Nashville artist Young Hines, which will arrive on April 10. A subsequent Benson-produced album from Ireland's the Lost Brothers will also arrive via Readymade.

Benson reportedly produced five albums in 2011, all of which will come out via Readymade in the near future. Manager Emily White said in a press release, "Launching Readymade gives us the option of a release platform tailored to each album under the same home. We wanted a way for Brendan to be able to create music when and how he wants and be able to put out the music sans any barriers. The answer to what we were looking for is Readymade."

Readymade has actually been around in some form since the '90s, but it's only now that it has evolved from a conceptual imprint into a proper label. To us, it looks like Benson has been learning a thing or two from his friend Jack White, who operates Third Man Records.

Benson's got some U.S. tour dates coming up in the next few months. See his schedule over at his official website.