Boogat Details 'El Dorado Sunset,' Shares Radio Radio-featuring Single

Boogat Details 'El Dorado Sunset,' Shares Radio Radio-featuring Single
Boogat's El Dorado Sunset earned a spot on our list of the most anticipated Canadian albums of 2013, and now the Montreal-dwelling Spanish-language rapper has detailed his new album. The disc is due out February 12 via Maisonnette.

The songs on El Dorado Sunset merge Boogat's Spanish rapping with rhythms that draw on musical traditions from around the world, including cumbia, hip-hop and subwoofer-rocking dance beats. Lyrically, the MC paints a picture of life as a Latino person in Montreal. It is subtitled El Gran Baile de las Identidades, which translates as The Grand Ball of Identities.

Boogat said in a statement, "I dug up the best from our Quebecois and Latino culture to create an identity with a deep geographical, artistic and social meaning. Everyone needs to find their own paradise, their own meaning of life, their own identity... their own El Dorado."

The album features guest appearances from Kid Koala, Radio Radio, Poirier, Lido Pimienta, Schlachthofbronx and Thornato. Scroll past the tracklist below to check out the Radio Radio-featuring "Wow."

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El Dorado Sunset:

1. Eres hecha para mí

2. Llévame pallá
3. Pa' tu casa

4. Único (ft. Lido Pimienta)

5. Na³

6. Cumbia de las Luchas (ft. Karim de Syncop)

7. Natural

8. Romados

9. Suave (ft. Chele, Madhi)

10. Súper Gringo

11. Creída

12. Wow (ft. Radio Radio)