The Blow Paper Television

The Blow create rock-inspired electro that melts into perfect pop perfection. Paper Television’s opening track, "Pile of Gold,” is irresistible as duo Jona Bechtolt and Khaela Maricich purr out lyrics about boys and girls over stripped back bubble gum fabulousness. "The Big U” is decadent in its simplicity, as its minimal soundscapes let Maricich’s vocals float courageously over top. Bechtolt’s intensive percussion gives "The Long List of Girls” a glitch-y, tripped up spin, and the French-flavoured "Bonjour Jeune Fille” is infused with all the right flirty hooks and mingling sound samples. Unabashedly infatuated with slick production, pop fabrication, and fashioned buoyancy, the Blow exist in a whirlwind of flawless transmissions and dance floor-destined beats. Not only have they managed to create ten tantalising tracks, they’ve also given them enough sexy style and verve that they’re not so sweet that you’ll be sick of them after the first few listens. (K)