Band of Horses "Casual Party" (lyric video)

Band of Horses 'Casual Party' (lyric video)
Band of Horses will make their grand return in a couple of months with the release of their Why Are You OK, but ahead of the official album release, they're inviting you to a "Casual Party" via a lyric video for a track of the same name.

The song begins with a farcical preamble and a stumbled drum beat, but soon unravels as a chiming pop-rock tune about discussing TV shows at the casual party. Ben Bridwell's familiar, chirpy vocals soar above the assemblage of peppy guitar lines and steady beats.

Visually, the lyric video is presented karaoke-style, with all of the words scrolling across a screen imbued with calming, outdoor scenery.

You'll find the video below, while Why Are You OK sees release this June.

While Band of Horses haven't yet announced any Canadian dates, info on a clutch of upcoming global concert appearances can be found here.