Autre Ne Veut 'CD-Collection-Circa-2006 Mix: Or, Shopping the Tower Records Liquidation Sale' (mixtape)

Autre Ne Veut 'CD-Collection-Circa-2006 Mix: Or, Shopping the Tower Records Liquidation Sale' (mixtape)
Autre Ne Veut is performing at the Downtown Festival in New York next month, and to celebrate, the man known as Arthur Ashin has released a mix called CD-Collection-Circa-2006 Mix: Or, Shopping the Tower Records Liquidation Sale.

The title is very much in earnest, since the material included here comes from from Ashin's old CD collection, some of which was purchased when Tower Records in Manhattan liquidated its stock. His CD collection had been in storage since 2007, but he recently rooted around through his boxes and made a mix of some of what he found. He called this "a mix CD sans the actual CD itself," so it's fitting that it's around 70 minutes long. Artists featured here include Bryan Ferry, Bob Marley, Kate Bush, Low and Autechre.

Read his full statement about the mix below, and keep scrolling down to stream the music.

At some point in 2004 or 2005 the Tower Records in downtown Manhattan closed its doors following a massive liquidation sale. Could absolutely be wrong by a year or two. It wasn't the best shop in town. Even the Virgin in Union Square tended to carry deeper cuts, Other was around the corner. Kim's still existed, and forgive my memory, but Bleecker Bob's was probably still around at that point. Is it still? Regardless, I stumbled across the Tower sale almost completely accidentally and bought a ton of shit that they were basically giving away. I only remember specifically picking up what turned out to be, essentially, a bargain-bin comp of Canadian Hi NRG throwaways and various alternate versions of disco records. I had been tangentially into Italo disco stuff so it checked some box. This was part of being a CD collector. Purchasing shit in bargain bins and hoping that a track or two would pique your interest.

Anyway, this is too much obvious extrapolation. I'm sounding nostalgic, a thing that I don't particularly like to do. At some point in 2007 or so I was moving apartments and packed all of my CDs away. They'd been culled down many times depending on my current tastes or moods. A lot of my top spinners were lost to scratches and friends or simple foolishness. Only a previous self knows why the CDs that are still around are around, but when a few weeks back, I unboxed them for the first time in 7 years or so, it was a pleasure to try and reconstruct what exactly I was thinking or feeling at the time regarding archiving musical objects.

So I decided to make a mix CD sans the actual CD itself. No mixing, beat matching, DJ magic (well maybe a liiittle), just one song at a time. The rules are: one song per CD only, nothing boringly obvious, things that I'm feeling like listening to right now, played in order of how they were ripped, and that's it. Bonuses include entire mix played at once, and entire mixed played at once, but in reverse.