Kids in the Hall Help Raise $30,000 for Ailing Comedian Paul Bellini

Kids in the Hall Help Raise $30,000 for Ailing Comedian Paul Bellini
Kids in the Hall writer and fixture Paul Bellini is still in a Canadian hospital following complications from surgery, but the comedy troupe and their supporters have quickly raised over $30,000 via a GoFundMe campaign.
"On Friday Oct 25th our good friend Paul Bellini went into the hospital for hernia surgery, which was expected to be routine," a GoFundMe page, entitled "Touch Paul Bellini," stated on October 29. "Sadly, there were complications and Paul experienced profound reactions post operation. He has been in the hospital, in critical condition and on life-support, ever since.
"While the prognosis for recovery is currently positive Paul has been left incapacitated and unable to work. Doctors tells us Paul will probably not be able to return to his various jobs for a minimum of three months and, as many of you know, being ill and convalescing are prohibitively expensive."
After the primary Kids came to his aid over Twitter, it took two days to meet and surpass a $30,000 goal.
The funding page has been updating donors and visitors on Bellini's status and friends, particularly Scott Thompson, with whom Bellini primarily wrote on Kids in the Hall not long after the pair formed the punk band, Mouth Congress, have been tweeting and trying to see the levity in all of this.
Paul Bellini still needs medical and financial support and you can learn more about how to help him here.