​Jason Bateman Made a Lot of Meme-Worthy Faces at the Emmys

​Jason Bateman Made a Lot of Meme-Worthy Faces at the Emmys
Jason Bateman has made a career out of playing the straight man, which often involves a lot of subtle facial expressions rather than loud, obnoxious buffoonery, and he kept up the act throughout the Emmy broadcast last night (September 22).
The Ozark actor proved to be the butt of the joke for presenters Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel's segment, but Bateman took it in stride with a perfect reaction.

During their bit about the Emmys opting not to have a host this year, Kimmel joked to the crowd, "Without a host, who would sit behind a desk and pretend to be interested in Jason Bateman's vacation stories?"
The camera immediately panned to Bateman, laughing along with audience before realizing what had been said and slowly letting the smile dissolve off his face.
As Colbert and Kimmel continued to mock Bateman, the actor just became increasingly deflated.
Twitter took notice and loved the bit.
It wasn't Bateman's only hilarious moment of the evening, though. He was later awarded the prize for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for Ozark, and his shocked reaction was just as meme-able.
His deadpan "what just happened?" look was made even more funny by the fact that Laura Linney was losing her mind with joy in the seat behind him.
Check out the reactions to that reaction below.  
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