Hannibal Buress Impersonated MF DOOM at the Adult Swim Festival

Fans thought they were getting treated to a surprise set
Hannibal Buress Impersonated MF DOOM at the Adult Swim Festival
Hannibal Buress and MF DOOM are lauded both for their mic skills and their successful use of doppelgängers, but the comedian took things to a new level by impersonating the masked MC over the weekend.

As you can see in the footage below, Flying Lotus appeared to bring the elusive DOOM onstage for a few songs during his set as Captain Murphy at Los Angeles's Adult Swim Festival.

"Y'all know about my man MF DOOM, right?" Lotus told the crowd. "I brought my man all the way from London to rap with y'all tonight!"

Fan-shot footage then shows Buress striding onstage while Madvillainy cut "Accordion" plays, complete with DOOM's iconic mask.

It wasn't long before FlyLo unmasked the metal face villain himself, revealing Buress as an imposter. 

"Hannibal, what are you doing here?" FlyLo asked.

"I wanted to help out," Buress answered, adding, "I didn't know that song really, so I couldn't even do rap hands that good."

DOOM has a well-documented history of sending stand-in masked MCs to his own performances. Addressing the doppelgängers in 2009, the rapper told Rolling Stone, "Everything that we do is villain style."

Last week, a verse from DOOM appeared on a newly unearthed track from Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse.